Wattage fluctuations

I have a gen 1 Kickr and get constant wattage fluctuations. It’s impossible to hold steady wattage in a workout. I get constant 10w fluctuations with frequent 50w jumps and occasional 100w jumps. Everything is connected properly. Using windows laptop with ant+ which is 2 inches from kickr. Cadence sensor connects instantly. No difference if I use bluetooth.
It all works properly on trainer road.
I did check the archives and there are no answers that have worked for me there.

Hi @Craig_Hall

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When you pair the Kickr you must select the ANT+ option that include FE-C for both the power and the controllable options.

Also check that you have the latest firmware installed on your trainer.

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Thank you for your reply.
Yes it is selected. And like I said it also happens with bluetooth. So it’s not an ANT+ issue.
Firmware is up to date. I see this with a lot of users and no solid solution.
Spindown often times out.

OH this is frustrating. I’m using a brand new 2nd Gen wattbike atom, Love the setup and then this bloody wattage jumping around like crazy! I contacted Zwift through email with no reply but then managed to get them through the Insta page and they told me to email in my log files… I have done this so hopefully I get a solution. I’m oddly comforted by hearing other people are having the same problems… Ill update if I get any solid answers

Did you ever get an answer about your power fluctuations?
I have had similar issues with my Wahoo Kickr but for the life of me I can’t find a solution.