Kickr Core uncomplete delivery

I ordered a Kickr Core via Zwift.
It arrived yesterday but its Missing one of the adapters for the quick release skeewer axle. A friend of mine has the same problem.

Does anybody else had this problem?

I have the same problem. adapter B 130/135mm is missing.

yes i reached out direct to wahoo and they want to send me the adapter asap. but in the meantime i printed the missing adapter out of PLA with my 3d Printer. if anybody is interested in the StL. hit me up :slight_smile:


I’ve received the kickr some days ago and the Adapter B is missing too.
I’ve contacted zwift support but no reply.
@Hauke, how did you contact wahoo? via the app or the website?
on their shop the adapter kit is out of stock otherwise i would have bought it.