Kickr Core compatibility

So I am about to purchase the Kickr Core.
The bike I am looking to hook up to it is a 29" MTB, specifically the Cube Aim SL.

While I know the Kickr Core can handle MTB’s and 29" wheels, I am still worried my bike is incompatible.

Scanning the Wahoo website and in particular the compatibility check, two ‘hub width’-s are mentioned: 12x142mm and 12x148mm.
Any other measurement does not fit on the Core, it says.

Neither of these measurements show up on the Cube website, however.
The page for the Aim SL black’n’flashred 2017 (which I am pretty sure is my bike) does not tell me what I need to know.

Do you reckon it’ll fit? And if so; since the bike is currently rocking 24spd (3 front 8 rear), would you suggest I get a Shimano 8spd rear cassette to go with the Kickr Core?

That looks like it uses a Quick Release, not a Thru-axle. To confirm, does yours have a rear lever like this one…


EDIT: If that is your model bike, then it uses a Shimano HB-TX505 hub which is a quick release, which the Core should be compatible with (assuming its 130/135 QR).