Kids Guardian bike onto Wahoo KICKR Core?

I’d like to get my son riding on Zwift this winter. He tried it last year with a makeshift trainer but think he would really use it if the experience was realistic. I’ve researched this topic and can’t find a real good answer but if he is riding a 24in Guardian bike (I cant create a link but it is “Guardian 24in bike”):

  1. Will this work with my Wahoo KICKR core (I have a block for the front)?
  2. If I buy a 7 speed hub do I need spacers?
  3. I assume I need a rear skewer for the setup as well?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like it should work with the Kickr Core

Yes you will need extra spacing to fit a 7 speed cassette on it. The existing quick release skewer in the rear wheel should work fine.

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Thank you very much Paul, appreciate it! So I just need to pick up a spacer and 7 speed cassette…

Thanks again,