Cannondale Quick 6 + Kickr Core Zwift One

Hopefully found the right spot for this and didn’t overlook an old thread…

Completely green with everything cycling related. Both were impulse buys. I assumed the Core Zwift would except pretty much any bike, but having trouble confirming compatibility.

Can anyone tell me what I need to make a Cannondale Quick 6 (7-speed) [UPC: 884603841747] fit onto a Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One? Or will I not have any trouble mounting it?

Zwift recommends a bike with 8-12 speeds. My understanding is that this is primarily due to the dimensions of the chain. If the 7 speed chain on the Cannondale is too wide it may rub on the plastic guides on the Cog. If that happens you do have the option of installing an 8 speed chain on your 7 speed bike, or installing a 7 speed cassette on the trainer. Having a cassette on the trainer would also allow you to use it with other cycling apps, and provide a manual shifting option if you have any issues with the Bluetooth shifter provided with the trainer. So I think if you ask Zwift support they might recommend against using that bike, but the reality is you can make it work without much effort. It looks like it has standard quick release wheels so there shouldn’t be any problem fitting the bike on the trainer.

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Thank you for this explanation. Zwift support did tell me that the trainer is only made for 8-12 speeds. I am going to see if it works today. If it does happen to rub, and I decide to switch out the 7 chain to 8 speed, how difficult is it to swap that out? Does that require changing any of the other components? Again, thanks for your help.

An 8 speed chain will fit on a 7 speed drivetrain. It’s a little narrower but it will fit on the existing cogs and chainrings.

To replace the chain you’ll need a chain rivet tool to cut the new chain to the proper length. You can use the old chain as a guide for length by laying them out next to each other.

Or you can pay a bike shop to do it rather than buying the tool if you prefer.

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You’re the bee’s knees, Paul. I appreciate the help!

For anyone who finds this thread in the future… the Cannondale Quick 6 worked for me with the Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One without any modifications.

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