Kickr 2014 model / hubs adaptors / Canyon Ultimate CF SL 8

Hey all,

I was recently given a Kickr 2014 model which came without the hub adaptors on both the drivetrain and non-drivetrain sides which means i cannot mount my bike.

The challenge I am having is finding the right hub adaptors to buy for my bike. From what i have seen so far, it seems the Kickr14 is not actually compatible with my bike.

Im pretty sure it isa thru axle rather than a quick release. I need to masure the hub as well, but i would have thought that being a canyon with DTswiss p1800 wheels it would all be pretty standard.

Does anyone have any guidance they can offer on my situation?


If your bike has 12x142 thru-axle, you will need an adaptor kit I believe:

Unfortunately it’s saying that it’s out of stock, on wahoo’s site.

Sigma Sports are also out of stock, but their site says they expect to get them in by 29th May:

Here’s a video on how to install:

Thanks, Canyon recommended this part also.

However they also said that my bike has 130*5 quick release so I’m not sure if this the right part.

130x5 is regular quick release.

In the pic below the 130x5 is on the left, the 142x12 is on the right.

Hi mate, yeah my bike has the 130*5 quick release. I confirmed this with canyon and checked myself on the dtswiss website for my wheels.

So, wahoo are sending me out a adaptor for the non drive train side - that’s costing me a tenner £. I’m waiting on it arriving.

My question now is, do I need an adaptor on the drive train side? Wahoo say the bike should fit onto the flange coming out of the cassate. But the flange looks to be a threaded piece of metal and I don’t want to wreck my bike over this.