Bike Compatible with Kickr Snap?

Hi, complete newbie here.

Want to try indoor cycling, have gotten a Kickr Snap secondhand.

Now I need a bike! Do not want to spend a lot, road bike would be nice.

What bikes are compatible with the Kickr Snap?

Saw this bike at Decathlon but been told it’s not compatible because of no quick release rear wheel?

So what should I look for??

Almost any bike should work as long as it has a quick release rear wheel, you’ll want to use a steel quick release with a wheel on trainer, not the one that comes with the bike. Just make sure the bike you choose fits your size, if it isn’t comfortable and sized correctly then you won’t enjoy riding it. Most local bike shops offer a bike fit.

I don’t think you necessarily have to use a bike that has a quick release.

For bikes that don’t have a quick release you can use something like this:

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