Kickr snap specialized diverge

Hello I have a 2017 specialized Diverge that I am using with my kickr snap and zwift. I am new to the indoor trainer world as well as biking in general. It has a Shimano Tiagra, 10-speed, 11-32t cassette. Should I consider changing that out to a 11 or 12 if possible? I won’t really be riding the diverge outside much at all as I MTB instead of road bike. Anyways thanks in advance for your input.

What are you missing with the 10-speed that a 11 or 12 speed fix? Do you have too big a jump between gears?

The Snap is a wheel-on trainer so the cassette is immaterial. You can run whatever you want.

Yeah like I said I am a novice at best, so probably nothing. I was more curios to make sure that the set up was good. I am getting a cadence monitor today and besides that if a new cassette is not needed then I should be good to go. I have already rode a bunch on Zwift with the current set up just trying to make sure it is dialed in for the winter season.