Kickr Bike & Trainer resistance is non responsive in free ride [August 2021] [1.16.0]

Did two different rides today and seemed to back to normal with latest update… so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Ok 3 day after my last post…… with the latest update to zwift on Apple TV and wahoo v5 kickr issue still present…… first ride works fine and then start another ride, event, workout or meetup and no resistance and no climb working. Your work around of force quitting zwift seams to be working though. Has anyone else still having issues and zwift please advise.

Hey everyone - not sure if you all have solved your issues yet or if my experience may help. My Kickr Bike with Appletv and also an iPad has been giving almost no resistance up inclines. I tried on Fulgaz and it didn’t work there either so I started interacting with Wahoo. They told me to try doing brief workouts in the three modes on the Wahoo app (level, erg, and sim). It seemed to be working fine in their app. So I disconnected with that and went back to Zwift and it was working again.

This just happened so course I’m not sure if it will work tomorrow or even 5 minutes from now but it did actually make a difference and might be worth a shot if yours still isn’t working.

Good luck!

UPDATE: I’m 3 days out from my post and everything is still working fine.

Looks like this has broken again on Apple TV. No resistance control and just gets stuck

since the lastest update I have exactly the same problem.
I use Kickr V5 + Climb, Apple TV 4K and the Control App on an I-Pad. Furthermore the trainer does not control the resistance when you perform a training.
Zwift makes the smart trainer behave like a thumb trainer.

I cross-checked if it is an BLE or a hardware problem: No it is a Zwift problem as RGT cycling still functions without any issues.