Kickr bike slams on uncontrolled resistance

My setup is kickr bike connected to PC over bluetooth.
I’m running zwift with the trainer difficulty setting at 100%. No other apps or devices paired to the bike.

Erg is off. Not touching brakes

When I go hard from supertuck or lower cadence, like under 80, my cranks lock up. It happenned the first time on a 7% incline. I got out of the saddle at about 77 cadence and tried to rev up to respond to an attack. Second time was also going from a lower cadence into a sprint. Third time I was in supertuck, hitting a sprint to catch on a group, I barely hit 500w before the cranks locked up again. @shooj

Have you spoken to Wahoo support about this?

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Latest from wahoo support (links removed): Hi Cecilia,
Thanks for getting back in touch.

How has your KICKR BIKE been behaving? Are you still only experiencing issues when using Zwift?

If you are aware of others experiencing a similar issue we would encourage them to contact us so that we can try to help them.

As I mentioned to you before it does sound very much like an interference issue and we have some great advice regarding t in general, on our support site which might be worth sharing with others if you feel so inclined.