KICKR resistance super high!?!

So I just tried scrolling through the archives for any similar issues, but couldn’t find anything that matched. Recently the resistance on my KICKR has gone through the roof when using Zwift in “free ride mode”. I can’t even ride flats w/o pushing 300+ Watts. The speed seems to match, but Zwift won’t allow me to go any easier unless I am in workout mode. If I control my KICKR with my ELEMENT (not using Zwift) it works fine. If anyone can offer me some insight it would be much appreciated!


Hi @Kevin_Todd, welcome to the forums. I haven’t experienced this problem. I’m using a Kickr Core connected via ANT+ to windows 10. I just got done with a ride and workout, everything worked fine in ERG mode and free ride.

I assume you have tried power cycling everything, unplugging the Kickr, restarting all your devices, etc… When was the last time you did a spindown calibration?