Kickr Bike Shifting

Kickr Bike owners… tetting my the Kickr Smart Bike. Coming from a Saris Hammer H3, I’ve noticed that the Kickr Smart bike “over shifts”. For example, I am at 200 watts, coming to a hill. I shift down when hitting the hill, attempting to keep my watts steady. My RPMs jump too much, from 95 to 110, power drops to 130 and then takes 1-2 seconds to climb go to 200. The opposite happens when I am shifting up … the bike drops my RPMs too much. Is there any way to tune/tweak this? Feels terrible. I am on default di2 shift settings, compact 2x11.

Trainer Difficulty setting?

Difficulty Setting

I tried 25, 50, and 75 percent. No difference to the symptom I am seeing of power dropping too much and then settling in when shifting

I’ve always had my kickr bike set at 100% so can’t comment on feel with any other setting.

You don’t have any other apps running like the wahoo fitness app or similar that might be interfering with Zwift’s control?

Also, how does it respond in erg mode?

Any difference when connected via ant+ vs BT?

Have you run a ride log file through the zwifalizer

ERG mode is great. No issues foun with Zwifalizer ., but I will try BT… will report back!

Try updating your Wahoo software. I experienced the same issue and that fixed the issue.