Kickr Bike Experience - it broke

This saturday i connected my kickr bike and it died on me. And the power block is blinking. Has this happened to anyone else? Such a shame, its so smooth in zwift compared to any regular trainer…


Hi Eirik, I have exactly the same issue. I received my Kickr bike 7 weeks ago and have worked it for about 80 hours. I felt quite lucky with my bike as I had heard about so many people having issues and mine appeared to be problem free out the box.

Couple of days ago mid-ride on the Volcano KOM it just died, initially I thought my surge protected power board had tripped but then noted my fan also connected to the board was still running.

I disconnected the power block and could see the led was solid green, connected back to the bike and it blinked. Still no power to the bike. I also noted that when pedalling with no power the sensation is lumpy, almost like there is restricted movement at some point in the rotation. Does your bike pedal free or is it the same?

I have raised a ticket via my LBS, was supposed to be completing a virtual Everest tomorrow on Alpe so pretty annoyed right now.

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Spot on, exactly the same. There’s a new one on the way for me. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: have you felt the sensation of a virtual tire slip leading up to this? I recon it was normal because it was the same technology as the neo :thinking:

I didn’t feel a virtual slip prior, but to be fair I was pretty zoned out watching TV as doing a relatively easy ride. My LBS have a brand new bike in stock so hoping Wahoo approve a straight switch without too much hassle.

I have to send mine back in two separate boxes. Great piece of kit when it works. Roadfeel superior to regular kickr :slight_smile:

Same problem with the flashing power supply and dead bike.
Maybe charging the phone while riding overloaded the system.?

Your bike will have to be replaced. A new power supply will likely not solve the issue. To be honest, I think that Wahoo outsourced alot of the bits and bobs and finishing kit for this bike and there was poor quality control on the constituent parts including the circuitry. For example when I was returning my first bike, one of the hex nuts simply rounded off and could not be easily removed. The metal for the screw was extremely soft, this would not have been a problem if the bike was not being dismantled.

On the second bike, I was trying to tighten the quick release clamp on the handlebars and guess what, I broke the quick release right off, had to get replacement on Amazon. Now I am strong, but I should not have been able to break a quick-release mid-ride.

Thirdly, the seat creaks and no amount of grease will fix it.

And still I would rate this product as an 8.5/10 based on useability and functionality (when it is functioning)…it is STILL the best trainer I have ever had. Wahoo should do us a solid and allow us to trade in the first gen bikes with the second gen at a reasonable discount whenever it is released.

Lastly, I have also had the issue with the shifters disconnecting and showing an error when using Zwift, I have found that connecting via ANT + only (no bluetooth) solves the issue. (but again…why doesnt the bluetooth work)?
I spoke to someone at Wahoo and I was told that “The bike’s bluetooth doesn’t play well with Windows” and I should use an Apple device. Well 1. I experienced the same issue using and Iphone on TrainerRoad and 2. The bloody bluetooth should simply work wtih any device. It is almost as if the bluetooth connection falls asleep and disconnects if you are not constantly shifting.


I’m on my second bike as well. The first one clunked continuously, which was somewhat annoying to say the least! In fairness to Wahoo, they replaced it fine, though it does baffle me why they haven’t organised training programmes for local pro bike repairers as shipping/returning the gear must be costing them a fortune…

Second bike still has issues. FYI, it looks like my clunking at least is coming from the bottom of the bracket, i.e. the main vertical seat tube.

It feels like it’s coming from the bottom bracket but, if you put the LH pedal between 6-9 o clock and wiggle, you can see the very bottom moving slightly.

Still waiting to hear back from Wahoo on this.

Other problem is that you get a “sticking” friction when standing on the pedals and going up a steep incline (when you least need it to do so!). LH pedal sticks, then frees on each revolution - which is quite jarring. No resolution on this either.

Overall, when it works, it is a good piece of kit - very much 1.0 product though.

For £3k, this should be bang on perfect.

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I first commented on this thread in June. I’m now on my 4th wahoo bike ( yes 4th). Shifters continually die within just a few rides. I’m done with this bike. Returning it for a full refund. Might give it a chance if they come out with a completely revamped 2.0 version. Does anyone have me beat on dead bikes?


I bought a Kickr Smart Bike 2 weeks ago, on the second ride the main frame started making a very loud creaking noise (I have a you tube video if anyone is interested). Wahoo support were brilliant, made several suggestions, all of which I tried, but none seemed to work. Finally they gave up and suggested I change the whole bike. I phoned the shop I bought it from and they said I was the 2nd customer that week wanting to exchange for exactly the same reason (creaking main frame), With this in mind and looking at the design, which made me think this was an issue likely to re-occur, I got a full refund instead and bought a Kickr V5 instead. Interested to know if anyone else suffers from the creaking noise. Certainly didn’t sound like it was doing the bike any good.

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This was a useful thread when my left shifter stopped working. Followed all the advice without success so far. Sent ticket to Wahoo so looks like I will need a new shifter hence new handlebars and hopefully not a new bike. Waiting for response from Wahoo. Will just have to manage on the little ring and spin for now! Still love the Kickr Bike.

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I have had my Kickr Bike since April and have loved it during lockdown. I have suffered occasional creaking but this has always worked itself out with or without a little maintenance of connections.

I have had mine for 1 month, love it ( also feels wattage is lower than my watt bike but maybe it is just the legs or that this one is more accurate ! )
Small problem with handlebar / stem sliding down a bit as the Q/r lever is super tight but still not tight enough it seems ?
Re shifting am a bit worried, did a long ride ( everesting ) on it few days after I got it, sweated a lot, and have had unwanted shift down - 2-3 gears - a few times since. Manageable, but isa that an issue with the sweat that may have damaged the shifters ?
Also got a creaking noise, any idea what to do to fix it ?

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I have had my Kickr Bike since June 2020. Love everything about it except that the shifters keep failing. They are in the process of sending out the 3rd set of bars. If the trend continues I anticipate the bars failing again in a few weeks. My hunch is that they have not properly considered sweat (and resulting corrosion) in the device with the ports that the bars plug into. This is really frustrating because I am now going on two weeks with the bike stuck in the 1/3 gear position.

Based on some of the comments I see in here I suspect they might end up replacing the bike but will that truly remedy what appears to be a product design flaw? :frowning:

Oh man. Thats sucks! I think I am destined for the same path as I am now on my 3rd set of bars to deal with the shifters failing.

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New handlebars sent from Wahoo are working fine. Wahoo were great in resolving.

I’ve had my Kickr Bike a couple weeks. I also had a problem with handlebar height adjustment slipping, need to tighten the clamp extremely tight. I complained about it to Wahoo support and they are sending me a new clamp, not sure how that will fix it though. Other than that I’ve been super happy with bike, I did change the saddle and bar tape though. You’d think for $3500 dollars they could afford to install a decent saddle and good bar tape.

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Which saddle does it come with and what did you upgrade to?

Also a bit more detail on the bar tape please :slight_smile:

So, this morning at the first interval after a warmup my Kickr bike died. IT is the 2nd one! The first one just lost the ability to use the climb feature and they replaced it about 6 months ago. all was fine until this morning. The pedals kind of seized up and the display went blank and it is completely dead now. for others that have had this happen, has Wahoo issued a refund? after 2 of these I am kind of done. I still have a Kickr and may stick with that or may try the Stages bike (I like having a dedicated indoor setup, but this is making me question that).


Hi, I’ve had my Kickr bike for a few weeks and love it…until today… about 2 hours into the ride there was some static in the pedal stroke for a minute - then a loud noise from the wheel and it just stopped registering my pedaling - no RPM/no Watts - so, needless to say - ride over. The screen says ER11. Anybody else deal with this issue or error code? or even know what it means?