Kickr 2 paring Via ANT + but not moving in game

Hi All,

I have successfully paired via ANT+; A Wahoo “kickr 2” also a cadence sensor and HR monitor. These all show as paired and register in the top left corner of game however my avatar does not move. I do not know if the kickr is supposed to alter my resistance either as I have not had enough avatar movement to know.

My setup is perfect - ANT + sensor/laptop within 1m of Kickr

No other programs or computers are paired at the same time.

I have up to date firmware on kickr

I have very good internet/wifi strength



How does your pairing screen look? Can you post a screen shot?

Still no Movement

In addition to this - I have a subscription through Apple and paid the $14.95 monthly fee and the home screen still says that I have only 3 days of free trial left/ even though I have been using these 3 days for the past 6 days

I am assuming this will change when something happens on a payment date from apple to Zwift inc.?? Assumptions only!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am quite keen to see how this system works with an automated resistance. And hoping I have not purchased a faulty product?

Does the Kickr work with the Wahoo app? Please open up a ticket regarding your subscription. The support team will help to resolve this.

Hi Camryn,

There should be two options - Wahoo FE-C and KICKR. Try KICKR instead of FE-C as well.

Additionally - make sure the Wahoo App on your phone is closed or shut down.

And, yes, you will not be charged UNTIL the trial is over (we wouldn’t want you to lose those days).