KG to a decimal point

I’ve noticed some weights in ZP that are not a whole number. However the CA and website only seem to accept whole numbers. Is there a way to enter a decimal point?

(note: before we get into whether it matters I’m starting to get into serious A/A+ races and as I’m 62.5kg as I sit here now, ±0.5kg is nearly a 2% difference. So can we focus on whether it’s possible)

only way i have found i can get a decimal point is using the laptop and going into your user profile and changing the weight there, the companion app and android will not do decimal values

further tot he companion app, if you have a value set with a decimal point e.g 70.3 and change a value in your profile such as name, if you race for more than 1 team, it drops it down to 70 or it will round it up if you are set to 70.5 etc


Yeah, this is just odd, right?
I’ve found that I can save my weight to two decimal places in the rider profile in the game itself (only accessible after one has started a ride).
Both the Companion app and limit it to round numbers and refuses to recognize points or commas. I’ve never followed up on if this is automatically rounded up or down elsewhere, but it’s definitely important in the case of racers.
Voted. (Not that it will have any effect)


Ah, got it! I had looked in the in-ride menus but looked under Settings. Just spotted it under my name on the main in-game menu. Thanks

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Pleased you found the answer and reminds me to get a new calculator as mine is very old and tells me that 0.5 is just less than 1% of 62.5. :abacus: :+1:

It’s a 1kg swing dude (62.0 to 63.0), not a 0.5kg, but thanks for trying to be clever… buy yourself that calculator because mental maths is clearly not a strength :wink:


I must apologise, you are absolutely correct. I was trying to be funny and I suppose also clever and I missed the mark on both fronts by a mile.



lol, no problem, thanks for being honest, ride on

Also I’d guess that most of the people you see with a number after the decimal point in their weight are ones who have their settings in Imperial rather than Metric. They’ll enter their weight in whole pounds on Zwift, but when it gets divided by 2.2 by ZP, that’ll give them a non-round number in kg.

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I use Fitbit app to sync weight to Zwift, it recognises the decimal place in the sync. I don’t have a Fitbit, but it seems to be simplest way to update to the nearest 100g, I normally don’t have a laptop open when I weigh myself

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It doesn’t show the decimel place, but I enter one regularly through my profile using Chrome on PC and then save it, update my profile at zwiftpower and the decimel place shows.

Hey Steve, I don’t fully understand this answer, you edit your weight to a decimal point in ZwiftPower?

No, I edit my weight to one decimel point in my profile settings on , the decimel point figure does not show in the edit box. But it saves and when I click “refresh profile” at my weight updates to one decimel place, so right now I’m listed as 82.7Kg from weighing myself on Monday morning.

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Interesting. I’m on Safari and when I try to enter 62.5 in my the ‘.’ is ignored and it goes in as 625… might be good for getting the 100kph badge though, if I could even get up the hill to come down again anyway :smiley:

i think the rules for most pro events say you have to be within +/- 5% of ur actual weight so I wouldn’t worry about decimal places too much, just round to the nearest kg :+1:

eSports rule book and event WTRL rules are now to nearest 0.1kg.

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Yeah, I did ask us to focus on the possible not the importance.
But as we are here, no, I’m not racing at 63.0 when I weigh 62.5 and I’m not dropping it to 62.0 when I’m not that light either. Not when it is possible. I have now raced successfully at 62.5.

I’m racing against the top 500 racers on Zwift and for me at least honesty matters, unless it literally can’t be done, but it can, so I will.

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