Allow weight values to decimal places when using metric

I am surprised that Zwift doesn’t let you use decimal places when entering your weight in metric (or imperial, for that matter).

For those of using using Zwift to lose some weight, being able to update your progress frequently is really motivating. 1kg is quite a big chunk of weight. Come to think of it, so can 1lb be for some people.

By forcing people to update their weight whenever they lose 1kg, it means less accurate tracking.

As a user, I’d like to be able to enter and update my weight to 1 decimal place to better track my actual weight.

Switching to imperial gives you more granularity (e.g. 1lb is less of an increment than 1kg) but then the whole set-up operates in miles, which you might not want.

Really. Next you’ll want the system to account for weight loss during an event. As it is,even for those who claim to be 50kg, being able to set 49.5 to 50.5 is just plus or minus 2%. Are you scales that accurate? What do your shoes weigh? And all that sweat soaked clothing? Whole kilos or pounds is enough.

If you update in the Zwift app you can use kg with one decimal.

In-game on the PC, you can enter kg with two decimal places!

Thanks all. I was using Zwift website - it’s good to see that there are 3 places you can update your weight with three different user experiences :slight_smile: