Weight in profile

I can only input full kg’s but in zwiftpower i see ppl with weight with a decimal. How to do that?

If you link a third party service like Fitbit to Zwift through your profile’s connections page (The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App), you can update your weight in the 3rd party app with decimal kilos and it’ll pull across the weight into zwift.

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Go to the menu in the game. In the top left corner next to your name click the icon. You can enter up to 2 decimal places there.

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Thank you!

I can’t type decimals on my weight. Have tried app, windows, zwiftcom, companion, comma and fullstop. Nothing works. I can se that im not the only one with this issue. Has anybody found a solution.

Hi @Anders_Moustgaard_FU

Welcome to the forum, see the solution above.

Hi i figured it out in the zwiftapp/android
Instead of pressing backspace and removing the .00, I moved the cursor to the right location and edited digit by digit.

If i don’t delete the “,” it’s ok.

My keyboard have the “,” but the app doesn’t recognize it