Allow decimal places in weight input

On it is possible to enter weight with decimal places (i.e., 72.4kg), but in the companion app only integer values are accepted. Both the companion app and in game displays are showing rounded values. Even over on only rounded values are shown after syncing my profile.

This leaves me to wonder what value is actually used by the physics engine for in game calculations. If I enter 72.5kg is it using 73kg for calculations? If I enter 72.4kg is it using 72kg for calculations?

Given the importance of this value on in-game performance is it possible to have it treated consistently and accurately across all platforms?

I don’t have a Withings smart scale that transfers weight automatically to Zwift, but I am curious as to how those values are treated with respect to rounding.

There was some talk about this a while back. People who enter their weight on zwift power in lbs have it converted to kg with a decimal showing. However, those who work exclusively in kgs have no opportunity to enter decimal places. Free the decimals!

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Entering decimals is now possible in the Zwift iPadOS app. However, due to my locale settings, the decimal separator on the keyboard is a comma rather than a point. When entering the weight in kgs with decimals, the comma is ignored and I suddenly weigh almost 800 kg.