Weight Rounding

Weight inputs across different platforms are inconsistent, with race organisers such as WTRL (and Zwift’s own eSports rules) increasingly asking for weight to the nearest 0.1kg we really should be able to use non integers on all weight input fields so that inputting weight is made as easy as possible for everyone. Currently…

Companion App- Integer only
Web profile- Stores non integers but only displays integers so people have no idea what they inputted, v confusing.
In game- Non integers

Please fix this so all platforms display non integers.

Maybe internally Zwift only uses the nearest kg. :smiley:

I do agree it should be consistent, one way or another.

(This is a tangent, but I don’t really see the sense in asking for weight to 100g. Many people won’t have scales that show that anyway - especially if they read in pounds - and it’s well within the range of a cup of water or a toilet trip!)

Maybe, though their own eSports rules also state to provide to the nearest 0.1kg.

As I say, I don’t see the sense in it. 500g maybe, but 100?

But yes, if Zwift’s own rules state 0.1kg then of course all the UI entry fields much support that.

You can see the entered weight on Zwift power.

You can see the entered weight on Zwift power.

This is not a solution, it’s a ridiculous workaround. If the input field accepts non-integers then it should display non-integers, not require you to wait until the API pulls it through to a 3rd party service then log in to that to check it worked as required.