Kettler Truck S8 with Apple TV pairing issue

Hi have apple TV 4° gen with Zwift (latest version of tv ios and Zwift) and treadmill Kettler Truck S8 with Bluetooth (Hardware supported by Zwift). Apple TV has only remote controller connected by bluetooth.

When i try yo connect the treadmill to Zwift, Zwift see the treadmill during search but the procedure to pairing doesn’t finish on treadmill and it remain in app mode.
I have found a workaround using Zwift companion on my android phone in same WIFI network, but i think that there is some problem with apple TV Zwift game.

Is there some one with same problem ?

Hi @Marco_Biancini welcome to Zwift forums.

Apple TV has a limitation of 3 native Bluetooth connections maximum. One of those connections is for the ATV remote.

Besides the treadmill, do you have anything else paired to the ATV? Speakers, heart rate monitor, anything like that?

Using Zwift Companion in the way you’re doing is the workaround to Apple’s hardware limitation, so I guess it’s not too big of a problem?

Hi Shuji, thanks for reply. I know the limit of 3 bluetooth device, but i have only remote controller and treadmill.
However it is not a problem to use the Zwift Companion, but I have to charge the phone while running because the display always on consumes a lot of battery.
Maybe in some next release the problem will be solved.


I looked at your server logs and noticed that sometimes you log in from the Apple TV, other times from an iPad Air.

I am also seeing several instances of consecutive logins without a logout in between.It’s possible that your tread can’t connect to your current session because it’s still paired in a different session that wasn’t closed properly.

A proper log out is either a 1) save and upload of your session or 2) trashcanning your session. Please make sure to end each session in this way rather than swiping the app into the background.