Can't start running on Kettler S10 treadmill with Zwift on AppleTV


I do not get my treadmill Kettler S10 working together with Zwift on AppleTV:
The treadmill is shown in zwift on the appletv as a source for running speed (via Bluetooth) but the treadmill itself does not recognize its being connected to the appletv and therefore I cannot start the training on the treadmill.

I have tested the connection of the treadmill together with zwift on an iPhone and zwift on an windows laptop (all with direct Bluetooth connection) and it works fine.

I found out that connecting the treadmill via the zwift companion app on the iPhone as a Bluetooth bridge to the appletv works, but that solution is quite instable and just a bad workaround…

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Juste new owner of a Kettler S10 since yesterday.
I have the same issue with the Apple TV, apairing not possible. Detected by Zwift app, but noe connected on the kettler device.
But the pairing is possible with my iPad.
I try to find how to update the software of the kettler but seems not to be easy with an iPhone.

Did you find a solution ?
Otherwise I will use the iPad and send the picture on the Apple TV. But not the most convenience way to use Zwift

Thanks for your feed back

Hi Benoit,

sorry for the delay of my response.

Unfortunately, I have hot found a solution, but another workaround using screen mirroring :

  1. Start screen mirroring from iPhone to AppleTV
  2. Start Zwift on iPhone
  3. connect all needed sources via bluetooth (in my case the treadmill and my garmin for heardrate)
    4 Start running :slight_smile:

But just another workaround - there I posted my issue in the error&issues area.

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