Kettler S10 /Alpha run: How to start running? (S8, S6, S4, S2)

I have a problem with Zwift and Kettler S10 treadmill.

I can pair my PC with the S10 in Zwift successfully, but how can I start running?

If I hit the “Start” button or the speed buttons on the S10, nothing happens. The treadmill does not start to move. Accordingly, also the avatar does not move.

I found this in an October 2020 thread from this forum.



Oct '20

Hi Hans,

You need BLE bluetooth. This is version 4 of bluetooth. If it’s an old Ipad maybe that’s why it doesn’t work.

The treadmill should not be connected before you start Zwift. Turn off the treadmill.

In order, turn on the iPad, launch Zwift then turn on the treadmill and go to app mode and press start. The treadmill should be recognized immediately in Zwift.

On your pc the 1st time you have to pair the treadmill in the bluetooth settings of windows with the 6-digit code. Then you launch Zwift.

The most important thing is really at least bluetooth 4 BLE.


Hi Thierry,

thanks for quick reply!

Pairing on the Windows PC in the Windows bluetooth seetings, entering the 6-digit-code, all worked fine before already. Did it another time, no problem. Also pairing in Zwift and selecting the S10 worked fine (as I described before). And it is a USB Bluetooth 4.0 stick as well. I do not have any iPad, maybe you think of someone else here.

If I am on the S10, and I am in “App”-Mode and press start, what should happen then? In my case, I only see the “App” symbol on the display forever, but nothing happens. I cannot start the treadmill, control speed etc.

I will order another Bluetooth dongle, maybe this one is incompatible somehow.

Thanks in advance!



I am not Thierry. You could respond to him in the thread that I linked in my post.

Here is that thread.

The key point about his information is that Zwift requires steps be taken in the correct order. Thierry delineates the appropriate order to be successful.

Beste Thierry, Is dit hetzelfde voor Samsung of PC?

Hi Harti
Compared to what you are writing, you have nothing special to do.

You put the app mode on the treadmill then you launch zwift on your pc and you select the S10 in the pairing screen.

Then under the APP symbol of the treadmill there should be the speed, time and km displayed and you can run.

You may need to turn off bluetooth on your other devices before connecting your treadmill to make sure it connects to your pc and to zwift.

I connect mine without problem to all my devices: pc, apple tv 4k, ipad pro or my android phone samsung S10.

Best regards