Can't activate Kettler S8 treadmill after pairingin App mode

Hi @all,

today I got my brandnew Kettler Track S8 treadmill, which is listed as a compatible device for Zwift running. My current setup is a WIN 10 notebook and Zwift Companion App for BLE bridge. This setup works fine for my TACX Smart smart cycling trainer.

When I connect my treadmill using “App” mode, the pairing works fine. Speed and cadence were found and selected.
But now I can’t start running on it because the “App” mode ignores speed and incline commands on the treadmill directly.

Does anyone has similar problems with the new Kettler treadmills?

Thx in advance

Can you explain what “App” mode?

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After using direct bluetooth connection it works

Hi Sascha,

I have the same problem with my Kettler Track S8 treadmill. It’s not clear to me what you mean by “using direct bluetooth connection”. Can you do me a favour and describe it a bit more? I am using an Apple TV instead of a notebook. Do you mean with “direct connection” a connection to your notebook or “direct” to Zwift? Bluetooth is enabled but if I don’t start the “App” mode, Zwift doesn’t find treadmill.

Btw. Do you sometimes recognize some kind of noise (like groaning or squeaking) when starting with your training? During the first minutes my treadmill sounds a bit strange (seems to come from left front) but the noise disappears after some minutes of training…

Thanks for your further information