Just tried latest update (PC Only)

Just tried it out after the latest update and it’s all good.


Thanks Zwift!

dunno, mine worked for only half a lap :frowning:

May be it didn’t auto-update. Just updated to 5100. Will try again tomorrow.

All working again on my Mac (USB2 ANT stick PID1008 version, Kickr)

Great to hear that most everyones connecting issues are solved! If you are still experiencing any problems after the update, please open up a support ticket and we will be more than happy to walk you through some more troubleshooting steps. 

Just updated and now won’t pair to Stages power meter whereas it did previously. Will try and raise a support ticket if I get a chance.


My bad, changed my setup to move in front of a TV, and it was related to distance between bike and laptop. Have just put a USB extension chord in and is picking it up fine. Pure user error!