Joined a 62.1 mile Event, but after the first of four laps the Event ended, but not for everyone

On Saturday, October 22nd I joined the 3R Endurance Steady Ride at 7:05AM for the C group, and we were on Neokyo doing the All Nighter route. All was well for 15+ miles, but then as we completed the first lap and exited the Arcade I was suddenly no longer in the Event. I was still in Neokyo on the same route, but there was no Ride leader, no Sweeper, no Red Fence, no indication to show me that I was rider 23/239. Several other people in the same event also had this happen, while others were able to stay in the Event and finish it together. I have an Apple TV, but my buddy on a Windows laptop had the identical experience as me. The Event ride leader had no idea what happened when a bunch of riders fell out of the event immediately after lap one.

I wonder if that’s related to this bug where it loses the route. Seems to happen on a few Makuri routes.

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Were there other C riders who were able to continue, or was it only B riders? I wonder if the C event might have been set up incorrectly.

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Yes, other C riders continued the full 62.1 mile event, including the Ride Leader. No idea about the B riders, as I was a C rider. If the C event was setup incorrectly then all of the C riders would’ve had the same experience, but they didn’t all have the same experience.