Ride results missing

I lead the C group of Viking Valhalla 100 this morning. As we crossed the finish line, nothing happened. The counter started counting upwards and no results where shown. In my group, we were about 55 that finished, but only 19 is shown in the results. This is the second time in as many events this has happened to me. I hope you get this sorted ASAP.

Having rode the event, unfortunately I can only concur with this report.

Also to give you more infos about this morning, the “progress bar” was totaly wrong. Kept saying “lap 1/3” during the first two laps and only changed to “2/3” at the beginning of the third (and last) lap.

And the main odometer is still wrong : after 90km it displayed 2km less than on the right ranking and on Companion.

BTW, thanks for leading the event Jon-Arne ! :+1:

Agreed and upvote.

Seems like the issue has been there since the end of Octorber SW update. See examples:

Seems to be an offset which possibly is worsened if riding many laps. On this 15 lap group ride:

we were so far off that I lost track (1200-2000 m).

Note: As far as I can see, this is a central/ server issue and not a local/ client problem. On that 15 lap ride. for instance, beacon (A.Dodds) initiated a final sprint when he thought the group was approx. 400 m from finish line. Lots of confusion and running out of steam followed the next minutes. Far from everyone in that group made it to the actual finish line :sweat:

Have an issue where I was 2,500 feet into Alpe du Zwift. It crashed. The ride shows in my activities but isn’t counting toward mileage, elevation, etc.

Any way I can get that logged? Every foot counts toward the Tron bike, and I’d like that time to count toward Movember.

Super frustrating! I rode my best zwift race since march this year and nothing happend. I thing I won but if the event does not registers that I finished so zwift power doesn’t sees my result. Please fix this Zwift!

This happened tonight for the DIRT CUP Race PM. I did the race but am not listed in results. My milage started counting up (in feet) once I passed the finishing arch. It appears that at least 10 of the C group were left out of the results.