Race result not recorded

I’ve had the same issue - Olympic chase race 2 Laps of Makuri at 10pm U.K. time. Finished race but it didn’t record result. I stayed in the world and saved ride. It appeared on activities list in companion but I’m not listed as finishing race. Loaded ok to Strava and connect but didn’t save result to Zwift power.

Very frustrating as I bust a gut to stay with lead group!

Same problem, also in the Olympic Chase Race (2 laps). After the finishing sprint, all of the other riders abruptly disappeared, while my avatar kept going in the “event” mode; activity & ride data shown in Zwift Activities, but event result not shown in Zwift Event result or in ZwiftPower. (activity ID 845839749459658224)

Results showing or not, CONGRATS on toughing it out to stay with that group!

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Hi! I really enjoyed the Olympic Chase Race today…except at the finish when after my avatar crossed the finish line, the lap counter/progress bar correctly changed to 2/2 & checkered flag…the other participant avatars abruptly vanished from the screen…and my avatar kept riding the course :frowning:

I completed a cool down & ended/saved the ride, but the ride is not shown in the event results or in Zwift Power. Could you please help? Ideally, help me understand how to restore the ride in results & Zwift Power, and/or how to prevent this from happening in the future.

Zwift Activity: 845839749459658224

Thanks, in advance! Monica

Me too - my race was 10pm U.K. time

[Olympic Virtual Series: Chase Race]EventID:2123412
I crossed the finish line but couldn’t finish the race. Maybe some people couldn’t complete it. Can you fix this broken race and the result?

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Same problem on 6/27/2021, Olympic Chase Race…this must be incredibly disappointing for Zwifters new-to-racing & excited about the Olympics & Zwift Olympic Events! (Zwift activity 845839749459658224)

Monica and Adam - you re both listed in ZP as non-finishers. Usually this can be attributed to a network issue between you and Zwift but given the issues with ZP recently, could be anything.

You both may want to try and see if you have network issues your end by dropping your log files onto Zwiftalizer.com

Probably People who didn’t finish in the live position of “zwift power” but rode longer than the course distance have the same problem.
Normally, it is not possible to achieve this display state.
I think it was the same problem as my image.

Thanks Dean - not being a technophile I doubt whether I’ll be able to use The tool you suggest. Am just off camping…hoping normal service will have resumed when I next race

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Yes I think it’s the same issue. Normally the race result would display striaght away and then I’d be given option to stay in world or return…

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I think this issue is one of many bugs in the Macri Islands.
I sprinted before the finish and crossed the finish line side by side with other riders.So, I suspect that the width of the finish line is too short for the movement width of the avatar. Or the finish line does not work intermittently.
I recommend that you do not attend any events in the “Flatland Loop” at this time. Because the number of victims will increase.

Despite the name Virtual Olympic Series, Zwift’s work was very sloppy.

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Same thing just happened to me. I did the same Olympic Chase Race today (27/6, 4pm Australian EST). My fit file uploaded to Zwift, & Strava no problem. But Zwift didn’t show finishing results, and neither did ZP.
(My zwift activity number: 846116237945389680)

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Here is another post from Derek, who experienced the same issue. 2021 Olympic Virtual Series FAQ - #10 by Derek_Parry_SCCC

Hi Dean! Great suggestion :slight_smile: For my file, the network error & TCP connection reports are clean for the duration of the event. Really sounds like a version glitch, based on the number of people reporting and chattering about specifically seeing the problem during the Olympic Chase events. Zwift’s awesome tech support team are on the case, so I’m sure it will be good to go in the near future. Ride On!


Maybe 5-10% of riders had the same problem.
but, many people seem to be unaware of the problem or misunderstand it as a network trouble.
Some people comment that they didn’t see the results, but they don’t seem to know that they are listed as DNF.