Timer bug?

Last night during the Roll with Castelli event i encountered a strange bug at the end of the route! After completing the route (Legends and lava) Instead of the distance timer finishing and being awarded the badge, the timer started counting back up, I rode on for a bit and the timer came back down to zero but i was never awarded the badge, xp or the new jersey! Its the first time i have encountered a bug that did this! I don’t mind riding it again but was just a bit disapointed as that was the main reason i did the ride! I might try contacting support and see if there is anything they can do to help but thought it was worth mentioning here, a few people were talking about it in chat so i don’t think i was the only one that was affected by it.

Hi @Lloyd_Hart

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I noticed you did write in to support and we got a response to you via email.

We’ll monitor the situation and if we can establish a trend for this issue (including any other postings here on the Forums about the same issue), we’ll flag it up as needed. Thanks again!

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