Bug: Got route badge BEFORE riding

So, the City end the Sgurr route turned out to be a very easy route badge - I got the badge when I was still in the pen:

At least one other rider mentioned in the chat, that it also happened to them so it wasn’t just me.

Leading up to this:

  • First I did a stint with Bernie
  • Then I did a group ride on Glasgow Crit Circuit in which I received a route badge for that route
  • That ride overlapped with the next one, so I let the timer run out on the reminder about 6 minutes before start of the next one and it took me to the pen.
  • At that same time I must have recived XP to take me to the next level, because the first thing I saw in the pen was a message about some new Bont shoes.
  • Immedately after that I got the route badge (See screenshot above).
  • I did the ride and did not get a message about a route badge when the route was done, but it is in my badges, so it did arrive in the pen…

I have saved the log if anybody from Zwift wants it?

this happened to me in my first ride in scotland in TDZ stage8. i got it just after the ride started. i actually did go and ride the full loop, so it’s legit, but i got it too soon.