"Jerseys are tracked" message

After I finished a TTT this evening, I was cooling down through Titans Grove and decided to give Repack Ridge a try. It’s been a while since I’ve done it. Completed RR, then turned “south” to finish riding through Titans Grove. Near the bottom of the descent, it automatically U-turned me and a message appeared at the top of the screen “Jerseys are tracked…” I manually U-turned back to keep going the way I was originally going. After a few seconds it auto U-turned me again. Repeated this 3 times like it wouldn’t let me leave Titans Grove, so I ended the ride.

I’ve never seen that message on the screen before and never been U-turned without manually hitting the U-turn button. Running Zwift on an iPhone 12 and Companion on a separate phone.

I have no idea what this is! I will try to find out.


I’m reliably informed that this message happens when you take a segment jersey and then do a u-turn.

The last word of the message is “directionally”. I’ve got it when I have a jersey (say London Loop or Box Hill KOM) and then u-turn. It then takes the leader jersey off, so back to your normal kit, and the little jersey next to your name on the right gets a u-turn arrow on it (I think IE the reverse of what direction you are currently going, though the tracker isn’t 100% consistent). If you got the fastest time on RR, maybe that’s why it says the jersey thing.
Not sure about it auto-uturning you though… maybe a bugged feature to make RR lappable?? :smiley:

Not doubting anyone, but I’ve never seen that message (and jersey hunting is a frequent activity for me). I get the u-turn marked jerseys next to my name, but have never seen the message in the HUD. Also have never been auto u-turned before, that’s crazy. (Win10 system, Android for Companion App)

Thanks for the replies. I understand the message now. Although it would be good to have the full message fit on the screen. But I don’t think it should apply to Repack Ridge which is, I think, the only mono-directional section in Zwift. Not a big deal since RR seems to be an abandoned project anyway. The whole automatic U-turn thing would be a bug though, if it is repeatable.

Also, is there a jersey for Repack Ridge? It didn’t give me one on my avatar or on the rider list. Which again confuses me why the jersey message would appear afterwards.

This may not address your issue, but in looking at your screenshot I am seeing something I have never seen before (that I can recall).

I am seeing, within each ‘box’ in the Zwifters Nearby list, a row with the time ahead/behind, the indicators for workout, ZC connected, steering connected, and flag; then a second row with Zwift name (left justified); and then a third row with WKG, power meter connected, and distance traveled.

What I typically see is this:

A row with the ZC connected, workout, and steering icons (left justified) and name/flag ( both right justified); and then a second row with time ahead/behind, WKG, power meter connected, and distance traveled.

Any chance you have some sort of text scaling enabled? If so, this might be the cause of not being able to see the entire ‘Jerseys are tracked directionally’ message.

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I’d guess it is due to the small screen size on phones.