Jerky motion on workouts

This has happened to me on every ZA workout. Wattage, cadence are all normal, but speed varies widely. One moment I’m riding at 30kph next second virtually stopped with no inclination changes. I usually end up in a small blob with 10 or so riders all doing the same thing, way behind the main group. Very very annoying.

I’m running a tacx neo t in erg mode, ant+ connected, windows 10, wifi @ 20mbps.


Can you drop the log file from that workout into

take note of the P1 and P95 value. P5 should not be below 10.

Also look at your network performance.

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Sounds like you are doing a group workout with the rubber banding feature active??

Don’t know why, but I cannot post an image or link, anyway P1 is 18, P95 40.

No dropouts, no network errors.

Isn’t that how workouts are suppose to work?