Jaibird mission

I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong, but i have driven 60km in wattopia put in the missions window it says 0km.

Anu ideas?


What device do you use for Zwift?

I use a wahoo cickr

thanks, but I wanted to know what operating system, Windows, Android or IOs

Ah ok, im running Zwift on my apple tv


Did you save your ride, and closed Zwift and reopened to check if it did not get updated.

yes ride saved and oploaded to zwift, but it has not updated.

You did enter the JayBird Mission correct?

Yes I belive so, is there a way I can check?

Yes, log into Zwift and in the page to select course/route you should see the missions in the upper left hand corner:

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Yes, thats how my screen looks, and thats where I can see 0/25km

Ok, I see that you have had a couple of rides since the Mission started, but did you join the mission before those rides or after?

I Joined the mission before, thats why I don’t understand why its not counting

OK, I am out of ideas so you may need to submit a ticket to Zwift Support.

Ok I will do thanks for for your time helping me out.

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