Ceramic Speed Mission - mileage not credited

I completed the Mission Yesterday during my Ride to Ruins on my MTB,. I received a notice during the ride that I had completed the mission, and received an e-mail from Zwift that I had successfully completed the mission, however when I log onto Zwift the program says I still need to ride 11 more miles on the MTB, and the kit is not in my garage. Can Zwift correct this error? Thanks…

Please just ride the extra km. Support won’t get back to you in time and if they did they probably won’t be able to do what you want.

Additionally, you need to make sure you are logged out of zwift on all devices you have used zwift on (if you used another computer/iPad etc to check something you need to shut the game down properly) because it can cause issues like it reporting the correct number of badges etc.

Ok, I will try again. Thanks for responding.

Kevin Flamm