Roka Mission doesn't work

Yesterday I entered the Roka Mission on a PC.

This morning I rode 53km. I used my iPad. When I logged in a minute ago on my PC my Roka Mission said I still have 0 out of 160 km.

Is something broken in the Roka Mission?

Ok, to answer my own question. I missed the last Zwift update on my iPad. Now it works fine. To bad to first 53 km didn’t count towards the mission. Well I guess I will do an extra ride today. Ride on.

I assumed the ride should be done in one session or am I wrong ?

I just did 30 km and the start screen now says 30/160km so I guess you can ride the 160km in multiple rides.

All correct Maarten! Sorry Zwift didn’t count your first 53km :frowning: In case there is another update, its always best to completely close all instances of Zwift, then run the application cleanly if you’re on PC. You should be prompted to update. I’m guessing on iOS Zwift did not automatically update for you? 

You’re right. iOS Zwift didn’t update automatically. I will pay attention in the future.

No problems! Let us know if you Zwift gives you any trouble in the future with that. :) 

@ Robert Horrocks


Quote: “Ride 100 cumulative miles (161 km) and/or run 20 cumulative miles (32 km) by July 31st to complete the mission.”