Issues with workout not getting logged

Has anyone else had an issue where they did a workout, finished and saved but it doesn’t log the workout? I have had it happen twice. It’s so frustrating! My Zwift companion app hasn’t been syncing up either. Seems since update maybe. I just did foundation work plus added some km but when I exited and saved it, nothing shows I did the workout. WTH! I know it shouldn’t matter because my legs P, butt, and I know I did the time but argghhh! Now I have to do the workout again to get credit for it and so it shows up on weekly km goal. Please advise if you think you know what is going on.

If you haven’t logged out of a different device which runs the zwift app (another computer, iPad, phone) then zwift server gets confused. So make sure you log out of everything.

If you find the fit file you can upload to strava if you use that and if you find the log file you can run that through the website to see if there are any clues. If there isn’t a fit file dated correctly (not the in progress one) then there’s a good chance something is stopping zwift write files to your documents.

Are you on a computer which uses a syncing program like one drive or iCloud?

Confused as in “… we can’t be bothered to implement multiple-simultaneous-logins upload”? or was it “we can’t be bothered to implement post-ride FIT file upload”?

Now I am confused.

Haha, yeah those.