Issue with windows defender and saving zwift files

When windows defender is on, zwift files do not save. I cannot save customer workouts and rides do not get saved at the end. If I turn off real-time protection off, then it works normally.

Anyone else have this problem and have a fix for it?

I’m windows 10 with all the latest windows updates installed.

Been a while since I have used a Windows machine, but there should be a setting in Windows Defender to exclude file(s), folder(s), file type(s), etc., from virus protection. It might be labeled “exclude” or “whitelist” ??

After you find the setting, you can add the Zwift directory or Zwift process and that should fix your problem.

You should probably add exclusions for the process zwiftapp.exe and for the folder Documents\Zwift

This page describes how to add exclusions to Windows Security:

I have added the following to the exclusions list and still have the same problem. And I did reboot after adding each exclusion.


C:\program files (x86)\zwift


I played around with it and even the ride is not on Zwift i found out that rides which were not saved to Documents Folder were still active inside Zwift. You can proof it by simply ride PR or KOMs with Protection on. So maybe your rides are still available?! Weird!

That is because your ride and profile stats are on the Zwift servers.

The ride itself not?