Issue with sync to garmin connect?

When I finished a workout (uploaded from it did not sync to Garmin Connect.

  • It did sync to strava
  • when I import the .fit file manually into Garmin Connect it also fails.

Any more with issues like this?

Hi @Gerard_Val_HIK

This is unusual for the .FIT file to only fail to upload to Garmin especially since the very same activity was uploaded to other third-party connected sites/apps (e.g., Strava). It’s possible that Garmin was having some temporary issues on their side.

Furthermore, in my experience there’s an issue on the Garmin side with their website which sometimes prevents one from doing a manually upload/import of your Zwift .FIT files. As far as I’m aware, this has been an issue for quite some time.

I suggest that you try the following:

  1. Locate the recently added activity in Strava and export the GPX file as explained in this article​.

  2. You can now upload/import the GPX file (the one you got from Strava) to Garmin without any issues.

It’s a bit of a roundabout workaround, but it gets the job done and it’s essentially the same data because it all came from Zwift.

Garmin Connect was offline most of today; seems to be back up and running just fine by now, things should sync.