Issue with HRM connecting to Zwift (sports tracker HRM2)

Using a Gen 5 Kickr, IPad connects to both sport-tracker HRM2 and Kickr via Bluetooth but the zwift app can’t seem to find the HRM.

Ive been using the sports tracker app to measure my HR however I would love to combine my HR with my ride on zwift. Is there another possibility to connect the sports-tracker app to the Zwift companion app and adding my HR to a ride? Or a way I could simply connect to zwift before my ride?

Thank you

If your sports tracker app is connected to the HRM it might be stopping Zwift from connecting to it.

Try forcing all apps to close down and then (perhaps after a reboot to be sure) connecting via the Zwift app only.

I used to have a similar issue if my phone decided to connect to the HRM (Underarmour app) my apple tv wouldn’t.

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Thank you Paul!

No worries, did it work?