Issue with Cadence Target in "Spaded Sweetie" Workout

Hey everyone,

I wanted to bring up something I noticed during my recent session with the workout “Spaded Sweetie.” I found that the cadence target for the second-to-last block was surprisingly low at just 57 RPM. This seemed quite off compared to the cadence target of 105 RPM for the previous “1-minute-blocks-prepended-by-4-minute-blocks.”.

I’ll include a photo below for your reference.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? It felt like a significant deviation from the usual cadence targets and affected my workout experience. Would love to hear if others have experienced the same or if there’s any clarification on this from the team.

Looking forward to your insights!

that’s how the workout block is set, not a bug…Zwift workouts: GC Coaching » Guided Workouts » GC Coaching's Spaded Sweetie | What's on Zwift?

Correct, but I’m 99% sure that it’s a data entry error in setting up the workout.

No one would prescribe low RPM work for one effort after all the others were at high RPM.

Hi @J_M23

Thanks for flagging it up. I’ve asked the workouts team if that was intentional or a typo.; Stand by.

Hey @shooj

Thanks for looking into it! I appreciate you reaching out to the workouts team for clarification. Looking forward to hearing back once you have more information. Let me know if there’s anything I can assist with in the meantime.


Appreciate you flagging this up - there’s a bug in that workout file in the block that you called out. We’ll get on it, thanks to you!

Hey @shooj,

Thanks for the update! Glad I could help identify the issue.