Issue after update, loss of all signals

Updated the app on iPad, initially connects to all devices hr, cadence, power then drops out with no signal.
Wahoo kickr and Quarq, Wahoo TickR, Wahoo cadence and Quarq Cadence

Check if your trainer could be concurrently connected to Zwift on your iPad and to another app (for example, manufacturer’s sorfware) on the same iPad or on any other device (e.g., phone). Close all unnecessary connections, close the uncessary apps. If two apps are trying to control the same trainer, nothing good ever comes out of it.

Also check how far is your iPad from your trainer. You may start losing BT signal if the distance is greater than 10-15 ft (3-5 meters).

I hope this helps.

Power and cadence now connect, but no HR. Have installed a new battery in TickR hr and no change. When trying to add hr the power and cadence then lose signal. Can’t use all connections at the same time. Bluetooth issues since Jan update… not good enough

I am having issues with Tickr saying no signal with Apple TV

If your HR monitor is the chest strap variety that can snap on and off, make sure your electrodes are clean.
I have to regularly clean mine with 300 grit sand paper to prevent corrosion build up.
I disconnect it from the chest strap after every use because it is bathed in sweat.

I have also started removing the battery between uses and leaving the cover off because I noted some corrosion on the battery contact points.

My monitor does not like wet salty environments.