Is Zwift avoiding going bust by getting customers to bail them out? 40% increase= game over Zwift

Is Zwift going out of business and expecting customers to bail them out? I see no benefit or justification to levy a 40% increase for a platform that looks like it has not developed much at all from looking like a game from 20 years ago. I presume this is a balanced risk from Zwift, a very risky one as many of see thus as price gouging at a time when everyone is is suffering financially. They seem to forget the competition that is overtaking them. Sorry Zwift but the lack of enhancement of your platform combined by this ridiculous 40% increase is a step too far, you will erode your key asset of an enormous membership and let the competition in through a wide open door. A very bad strategic and tactical decision that will backfire and has upset customers and will erode investor and market confidence, a bad decision.

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