Changes to Zwift Subscription Renewals [May 2024]

Biggest maybe but successful i really do question if it did more harm than good and put people off racing.

Sure it got lots of people to try racing but when you look at the stats closer i think it showed about 50% of racers that competed and registered on ZP only did one race. I suspect the non-zp racers the number was even higher.

Why after one race did they not want to come back and do more would be the question i’d be asking if i was in charge of zwift racing.

For me racing could be a huge tie to the platform if they developed it but it’s been overlooked for years that might come back to bite zwift.

We need a better experience for new racers along with more engaging experience for everyone.

For starters
Common results platform with everyone listed.
Ranking …getting radio silence on that front.
Points races in game.
Different game modes. e.g elimination.
Organisers access. allow us to manage our events without going round email cycles. (events team are great but it’s like its the year 2000 with the amount of manual work that goes on at ZHQ, similar reason i hear why we have no child accounts.)

Then if they really want to add value things like custom routes and velodrom would be really appealing to a lot of racers and also potentially drive the steering/hardware side

Get people involved in clubs that race and they will probably be your most loyal customer all year round. Not Jimmy that does 2 solo workouts a week will soon flip to another platform.