Is there a minimum download speed?

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #1

I ask because I am suddenly getting issues with nor riders appearing on the screen and last night bikes with no riders??? I have already questioned why this is happening but cannot find that post now?
It has been suggested that I need to hard wire the laptop to the router and this should resolve the problem.
However, I downloaded two apps last night to my smart phone, one for testing the WiFi connection and the other for broadband speed.
The WiFi connection was as good at the point where I am using Zwift as it is when standing right next to the router.
The broadband speed test revealed some interesting stats, taking into account that we are supposed to be on superfast broadband? At the time I was on Zwift I was only getting a download speed between 10.70Mb/s and 17.25 Mb/s?
I did the same speed test this morning and it was now between 23.99 Mb/s and 25.88 Mb/s.
So my question, could it be the slow broadband download speed that is causing me to now experience these problems?

(David Griscom YCW) #2

Those speeds should be more than enough to tun Zwift.  Somewhere on this site it recommends a connection of 3Mbps or better.  I find my Wifi speeds are all over the place but I have had Zwift run OK even when my Wifi was under 3Mbps.  More likely you are experiencing some sort of dropout and losing the connection.  When you say you downloaded apps to your “smartphone”, are you running the internet speed test on your computer or your phone?  I suggest you open your browser on the computer on run a speed test such as

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #3

Done the speed tests on both the PC and the laptop as a comparison. So if its not the broadband speed and its not the WiFi signal strength then I have no idea what to try next to be honest?

(David Griscom YCW) #4

Some additional things you can try

  • Check to make sure you are running the latest firmware on your router
  • Update your wireless driver on the PC
  • Select a different frequency channel on the router (you’re your neighbors have Wifi their network and yours may interfere which each other)

Also running certain appliances, particularly a microwave oven can interfere with your Wifi signal. Try to take notes of anything that might be happening when your connection drops out

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #5

Tried it last night and it all worked perfect again without doing or moving anything??

(David Griscom YCW) #6

Then I think you need to look at causes of interference like your neighbor’s WiFi or appliances in hour house.  Look at what channel your router is using and see if your neighbors are also using that channel.  I know my router is supposed to be smart enough to pick the right channel but when  I looked into it it just picked channel 6 which was the same one all my neighbors routers picked too

(. TomH..) #7

Hi Alan, 

It looks like are experiencing two different issues.

  1. Rider disappearing (including bike) - Internet connection - Your internet connection is definitely fast enough but is it stable enough? That’s the problem, Zwift doesn’t require super fast connection but because it’s an online game it needs to be stable. Did you try running Zwift hard wired as we suggested you in THIS post?
  2. Rider disappearing (bike remains) - This seem to be problem with graphics card riders, are they up to date? Or Zwift is badly downloaded and missing some files. Can you try reinstall Zwift? Again, hard wired if possible. 

FYI - Zwift only downloads 50KBps (Kilo Bytes per second) on average but of course we recommend a bit more than that. 

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #8

Hi Tom,

Yes I know that hard wired is probably the much better option, but in my case thats much easier said than acheived. Furthermore, all the WiFi tests and the broadband speed tests I have done suggest that there should not be a problem with doing it via WiFi.

That said, I am actively trying to figure out a way to utilize some more Powerline adaptors where the laptop/trainer is situated.