Zwift taking forever to download

I am brand new to zwift, trying to download the program, it is so slow, ran all night, and still only 25% complete. My laptop which is brand new and has all fast stuff, so what can I do?

Can you go to and test your internet connection to see if that is the issue.

yes I ran that test, I have very fast internet connection. the new computer is Windows 10, which is new to me, could it be a setting in windows 10 that is not wanting to help with the download?

I use Windows 10 and there is no setting that would throttle you connection speed. What did you get when you an the speed test on  

I just redownload the Zwift install file on a Windows 10 computer and it took about 10 seconds. The file is only about 2.5MB. My download speed is 9.25Mbps and Upload is .43Mbps (At home I run at over 50Mbps download and 10Mbps Upload). 

You might want to stop the download and try again.