Move Zwift Files to new Windows PC


when installing zwift on a Windows PC it takes hours to download all files because of low speed internet here. I want to use an other Windows PC. Where are the files zwift is downloading? They must be somewhere in the user directories because Zwift didn’t ask for admin permissions to download the files to “Program Files” or “Program Files (x64)”.

Is in enough to install Zwift on the new Ciomputer, then moving the files and start zwift so that zwift can vbe used or download less data then a complete new installation?

When you say low speed internet what are we talking?

Hi @hedrik_richter welcome to Zwift forums.

Moving files from one computer to another will not migrate all the things you’ll need to run the application. You should install the latest version from

Is it just a bandwidth issue at your location? We have reports of game updates taking a very long time, and in some cases, a hard drive with not enough free space will cause this symptom too.

The download took more than 3 hours.

I know that migrating the files will not migrate all thing. My plan was: installing zwift in the New pc, migration the ‘big’ files and then Start zwift. Now only configurations and some little updates/downloads should be necessary.

For it to take 3 hours to download you must have a serious issue with your setup somewhere.

What download speed do you have?

I would suggest that if the speed of the connection made it take 3 hours, there will be some serious issues whilst actually running Zwift.

There are no issues. The Internet is that slow here. Its downloading more than 2,5GB. That happens evrry time install zwift. There are no problems after downloading all files when i do a workout.

Can you pleasebtell where to migrate the files?

It’s 15 hours since you started this thread. You could have downloaded the whole game 5 times since then.

The support document on reinstalling tells you which folders to delete. I’d start by copying those. I don’t know if this will actually work - I haven’t tried it.

You keep saying it’s slow but don’t actually say what you’re download speed is.