Zwift initial software downloading issue

initial software download stalling at “updating” for hours.  I have tried both mac and windows versions.  uninstalled and reinstalled without success.   any suggestions- was going to hardwire connect when I try to tonight

Hi Robert,

Make sure you aren’t behind some kind of firewall or proxy server or VPN when attempting to download Zwift.

I’ve the same problem. Have tried to uninstall/Reinstall several times, turning off antivirus/firewall but nothing gets it downloading fully. Sometimes it downloads a small bit and says xxmins remaining but then doesn’t go any further, other times it doesn’t even start. I’ve left it for hours… Anything else I can do or is there an issue with the servers?

Hi Owen,

There shouldn’t be any issues with our servers, otherwise we’d be getting more widespread reports of hanging downloads - almost all the ones we encounter generally end up with the problem being a router issue, a proxy/vpn issue, or something happening with a local ISP.

One last thing to try would be to run the installer in ‘Admin’ mode if you’re on a PC by right-clicking on the file and choosing ‘Run in Administrator Mode.’

Hi Eric, Already tried that… 

I suggest you submit a ticket to support for further help. We can get into more detail that way.


Thanks Eric, I have that done too, just waiting for a response. Just impatient to try it out, looks great!! :slight_smile: Thanks anyway, Owen.

Okay. I hope we can get you up-and-riding soon!

First it was Waiting to Update…Now it is Updating…This shouldn’t be happening.

Can I ask if this problem was resolved, I have the same problem with my brand new Alienware alpha

It eventually updated and I have had no trouble since. Strength of wifi signal was probably the issue. The more bars the better. Zwift will launch and run with weak connectivity, but it will encounter a variety of weird problems even as it is running.

Every time I log in on a mac, I get AWFUL service from the software. I have never once managed to complete a full ride. This time, I’m trying on a PC, but cannot find a link to download the software. I’m about to give up on Zwift. 

Here is a link to the download (ignore the 14 trial if you already have an account):


Also make sure your computer meets the specs:


I run Zwift on an iMac indoors but have just purchased a Windows laptop so I can move out into the garage. Downloaded software and now stuck on an update. Have tried everything suggested on forums but not worked. Any ideas please. I dont want to cancel a recently new subscription as I enjoy it on here but need it on the laptop which by the way far exceeds the requirements for Zwift.

Help please !