Is there a magic sequence to connect computrainer and ant+ (on Mac)?

Now that I’ve used Zwift with my Computrainer 3 times, I have to ask whether there is some magic order in which things need to be done/connected to make it work.  I am trying to use a computrainer and ANT+ for a heart rate monitor.  I calibrate the computrainer before opening the app.  I’m using a pretty new macbook pro with OS X (10.11.3).  

The first time I tried, everything worked well.  The next, the ANT+ worked immediately but it took several attempts and app restarts to get it to recognize the computrainer.  Today, I could get one or the other, but not both!  After a ridiculous number of attempts, I settled for the computrainer and had no heart rate data. Help?  I can’t spend 30 minutes on set up each time!

On a related note, is there a way to set the app so that it logs me in automatically on my machine?  I had to enter my email and password about 10 times during this process.

I run a computrainer on a mac as well. Most times, I leave the USB extension the Ant+ dongle is attached to, as well as the computrainer interface, plugged into the USB ports when I startup the computer. Other times, I may plug them in after the computer boots and I sign in. Both have worked well.

What USB interface do you have for the computrainer? I have the latest available direct from racermate.

Thanks.  I do have the most recent USB interface for the computrainer.  

Today I couldn’t get it to work until I tried I rebooted my computer with the ANT stick and the computrainer USB interface already plugged in.  I think something might be hijacking my USB drive (upon startup?) and maybe the hijacking is prevented by having the computrainer plugged into the drive at start up.  But I don’t know what it is…