Zwift using a Computrainer

Hey all!
I needed to do a complete re-install of Windows 7 on my PC.
I’m having a nightmare trying to install my Racermate 4.0.2 from the disk that came with the CT.
This worked fine before.
I get to the point where I’m asked if I want to calibrate the CT, and if I tick yes, I get a “not responding” message".
If I tick “no”, I get a little further into the process before getting the same “not responding” message.
I’ve also tried installing what sounds like the latest available Racermate install ( [RacerMate One v4.1.0.6), but the same thing happens.
I’m pretty sure I need this kit going before I can use Zwift, but I thought it might be worth asking if there’s another way to use this hardware with a 3rd party software package.
I understand Computrainer aren’t in business anymore, so I hope I’m not stuck with a useless device!
Any help appreciated!

Paul, I too have an original Computrainer however connecting up with Zwift has not required installing the RacerMate One software. Just make sure your load cell is powered up and USB/serial dongle is plugged into your computer “before” launching the Zwift app.

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Something else came to mind. In my experience, trying to use the Computrainer heart rate dongle with Polar chest strap results in bogus spikes on the Zwift app. I had to abandoned the dongle and currently using a Wahoo BlueHR chest strap. I am using my MacBook Air which provides USB/serial connectivity with Computrainer and the Mac bluetooth works fine with Wahoo BlueHR strap. MacBook runs hot while using Zwift and wish I could get Windows laptop configured but so far no success getting Zwift to recognize (pair) with Wahoo BlueHR on Windows 10 ASUS Ultrabook. Zwift pairs with Computrainer on my Windows 10 laptop just fine.

Thank you Lance!
This information comes as a great relief!

The guy that used to manage the Computrainer business here in Australia lives very close to me and he’s expecting me to drop off my PC later today so he can get it sorted.

But it’s great to know Zwift will also work!

I can’t count on him always being nearby.

Do you think Zwift would be the better option to go with?

I understand it looks a heck of a lot more modern at least graphically speaking.

I’d still get the Racermate issue sorted if so.

I’m also assuming when Zwift is opened on my PC, it will locate the CT and the connect/calibrate steps would be straightforward?

Sorry to bother you with these additional questions!



You’ll need to do the normal Computrainer calibration before launching Zwift. Use your handlebar control and spin up to 25mph, coast, then press F3. This routine is same as using Racermate One. I normally ride the recommended 10-minutes to warm up the tire and load cell before running through calibration steps.

On another note. I contacted Zwift support about having pairing issues with Wahoo BlueHR chest strap when using Zwift with a Windows PC. Here is their reply:

At this time the PC game version doesn’t support a Bluetooth connection. I’m sorry my friend. But, you can still use the HR with your PC, but you will need to utilize the Zwift Companion app. Check out the article Zwift Companion App. It will give full details for connecting that HR to your PC.

…and there’s no comparing Zwift with Racermate. Zwift is fully immersive. And the number of people following Zwift is crazy. Facebook has several groups in case you haven’t already found them.

Hey Paul,

Just a quick note to let you know that I used Zwift with a Computrainer for quite a while, no problems, no need for RacerMate. Calibration is important because of the “wheels on” setup, and climbing the radio tower will require you to keep track of your tire pressure, but the hardware works great with Zwift. Good luck!

Thanks a load Lance!

Much appreciated!


Thanks Todd!
This is great!

The graphics with Zwift look awesome!

I’m having some problems opening it up once it’s downloaded, but I’m sure it’ll be awesome when I get it going!

Thanks for responding!


Sorry Lance,
I only realised I should download Swift and answer most of those questions for myself.

One thing I’m not certain about is how to monitor my heart rate.

I’ve got an Audio visual splitter running from my pc to the wall mounted Tv as well as an extension cable for my USB/stereo cable. (my CT is in an adjacent room).

I also use a Wahoo heart rate strap for my other training and I’ve never been happy with the Polaris strap.

If I ran a 3rd cable (usb) out to the CT and plugged in a Bluetooth dongle, would that work?

Once again, sorry to bother you, but I’m functionally computer illiterate and I only survive today because of the goodwill of people like yourself!



Before Zwift, I used a Polar HRM with the Computrainer pulse dongle that plugs into the handlebar control. Never had issues and was accurate compared to the Polar wrist band display. For some reason, I began getting very unpredictable readings using a combination Polar HRM, Computrainer dongle, and Zwift. So I gave up and went back to my Wahoo BlueHR strap which connects with Zwift Companion App on my iPhone. I am now running Zwift on my Windows 10 PC laptop connected to a large screen TV via HDMI.

Unclear your question about 3rd cable USB and Bluetooth dongle. I don’t see that working nor do I see a need. Just keep your original USB/Serial adapter connecting the Computrainer to PC.

Thanks Lance,
Do you recall having a problem downloading the drivers for Computrainer?

I mentioned this issue in the forum and it was suggested I open it as an administrator.

I’ve done that and after about 15minutes of it looking like something was being transferred or downloaded, the driver installation wizard stated that “errors were encountered while installing the software…”

It also had 2 identical lines of " FTDI CDM Driver package…Install failed"

Do you have any thoughts regarding this?



It’s all good now thanks Lance!
I see what you mean about Zwift being a much better option!

Thanks, and happy cycling!


Hello Paul!

How did you fix the driver error when installing? I can’t seem to get my CT to communicate with Windows 10…


Hi Matt,
I’m sorry, but I can’t remember exactly how this was fixed.
I’m hopeless with computers and most likely it just fixed itself (after numerous installs), or it was fixed on one of the numerous occasions i took my computer to a mate that is savy with this sort of thing.
I know zwift take a few days to respond to technical support issues, but my experience is that they do.
You might need to try them!
Sorry I can’t help you out, and good luch!