Computrainer Setup - No resistance/settup.

(Wayne Metcalfe) #1

 Hi. I’m know to Zwift. i ahve a Computainer and when I search for it. It picks it up no problem and says its paired but when i start to cycle it just spins at high cadence and nil reistance with the bike moving at 2-3km per hour. Any suggestions as to what I missing or doing wrong thanks. When I exited out and just decided to ride with my computrainer program it now does that also in my program. Its never done that before and I have been using it for years.

(Ray Ruyack) #2

Make sure your USB adapter is found in Windows and you have selected that comm port so you get a green light on the USB adapter.  Once that is done use the RacerMate software to confirm that it’s working.  Go to Zwift (after closing the other software, they can’t be open at the same time) and you should be good to go.  Make sure the drivers for the USB adapter are up to date.