Computrainer setup

Hi, I’ve been using Zwift with a PT recently and it works well:) I have access to borrow a computrainer for a bit and was wondering the steps to setting up the CT on Zwift?
I’ve tried and can’t get it to work.
I turn on the CT itself (display on handlebars is at 0.00
I turn on Zwift and try to search for sensor… nothing!

Any tips? thoughts?

Here are some steps to getting the Computrainer up-and-running with Zwift:

  1. Download the appropriate Computrainer driver for your computer:

  2. If you haven’t calibrated your Computrainer yet, follow the instructions in your Computrainer manual. You can find a copy of the Computrainer manual on Racermate’s website.

  3. Plug your computrainer into an open USB port on your computer using the FTDI USB to Stereo adapter.

  4. From the Power section on the Paired Devices, select Search. A pop-up menu will appear.

  5. Your Computrainer should appear on the pop-up menu. Confirm that it’s selected and click OK to close the Searching menu.

Hope that helps!

I think you have to install Computrainer 3D or Coaching software on your pc first (this will install the driver) to get the pc to recognize the Computrainer. These are free downloads now. Once this is done then all the steps above should work.

You do not need any Computrainer program installed. Your PC probably needs the FTDI driver installed. Download link is

Hi guys,

ive tried all of the steps for this however the zwift software isn’t picking up my computrainer. I have gone in to racermate to make sure that it is working and it is so the drive is definitely downloaded and working.

I have exited and gone back in to zwift to see if it would pick it up but that didn’t change anything.

Is there anything else I can do?

Sincerely, Graham

Hi Folks,

Zwift successfully picked up my computrainer and I was able to ride using it without a problem. However, while riding, it was treating me as if I was an erg mode. As a result, even if I shifted, my power output would remain the same. Any thoughts/suggestions on that? Thanks in advance! Oh yeah, the PC I use with my CT is on Windows 8 if that matters.

Thanks! -Colin

I have a friend that is trying to use a Computrainer with Zwift and it is not being recognized when he searches for power. He can successfully use the software that comes with Computrainer, so his computer definitely is configured to detect and use the Computrainer. He is using a USB direct to stereo, with NO serial connector inline. If you have any suggestions, please share.

I have a computrainer, and it was plugged in and not showing up. So I checked on the ftdi adapter in devices, and it was showing up as there on Com 13. So I opened up computrainers software, and went into settings, and changed the com to Com 2 (everything between com 3 and 13 was being used). I restarted Zwift, and searched and it found it right away. I am guessing that Zwift doesnt search coms as high as some computrainers might default to, so check and set your com to something lower, if possible.

I have a computrainer studio and my coms are all 13 or above and Zwift cannot find any of my trainers. Do I need to somehow get all the comes back down to a lower #?

I’ve come across an issue with the FTDI USB adapter with Zwift.  If you should unpair your Computrainer, it will not find the Computrainer for repairing when you search. You will have to remove the FTDI and reinsert it into the USB port.  After a couple of seconds, the Computrainer will be paired with Zwift.

I uncovered this issue while I was trying to use my Bluetooth HRM (Wahoo Blue) for HRM but Computrainer for power and cadence.  With the FTDI in the USB port, you will not be able to pair with any Bluetooth sensor.  To work around this problem, unplug the FTDI and restart Zwift.  Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the PC.  Start the Zwift mobile app on Smart phone.  Start the Zwift app on PC and hit search button under HRM plaque.  Note, the Bluetooth beacon (upper left corner of the the screen) must be active (radiating circles).  Search should find your BT HRM and pair with it.  Now re-insert the FTDI and after a couple of seconds, the Computrainer should be paired with power and cadence.  The HRM should remain paired via Bluetooth.

Ross - thanks for sharing your experience with Computrainer and Wahoo and wired vs. bluetooth.  What version of computrainer software are you using?  Have you tried using wahoo bluetooth HR and cadence and only using computrainer for the “power”? I have an old computrainer wired cadence monitor but would prefer to use the wahoo wireless bluetooth cadence sensor if possible.